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Jake Gyllenhaal Note


作品紹介:Lovely & Amazing (2001) [日本未公開]

それぞれの人生にさまざまな困難を抱えながら生きる母親と三人の娘を描くヒューマン・ドラマ。日本未公開につき、海外版 DVD のみ入手可能。ジェイク・ギレンホールは、アーティスト志望の長女ミシェルが妥協の末に働くことになった写真屋のアルバイト店員ジョーダン (17歳の高校生) の役。母親と大して変わらない年齢のミシェルと不倫関係に陥り…


  • 監督:ニコール・ホロフセナー
  • 脚本:ニコール・ホロフセナー
  • 音楽:クレイグ・リッチー
  • 製作:グッド・マシン
  • 配給:ライオンズ・ゲート・フィルムズ



あらすじ (英語のみ)

 The story focuses on Jane Marks, her adult daughters Michelle and Elizabeth, and her pre-teen adopted African American daughter Annie, each of whom allows her personal insecurities to affect her life. Jane, longing to look younger and thinner, opts for liposuction, with near tragic results. When Michelle's artistic talents fail to produce any income for her family, much to the dismay of her husband Bill, she takes a job as a one-hour photo developer and finds herself falling for the attention of her teenaged co-worker Jordan. Aspiring actress Elizabeth, who bestows upon stray dogs the affection she finds difficult to offer her boyfriend Paul, questions her appeal when she's rejected for a role based on her looks, and she seeks reassurance from film heartthrob Kevin McCabe. Overweight Annie tries to fit in better with her white adopted family by having her hair straightened by black Big Sister volunteer Lorraine, who Jane hopes will put the young girl in touch with her heritage. 

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